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Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company

Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company is an OH domiciled life and health insurance company, authorized in all states and the D.C. except in NY and VT, with its principal place of business at 191 Rosa Parks Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202, NAIC number 93661.

MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Company

MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Company is an OH domiciled life and health insurance company, authorized in all states and the D.C. except in NY, with its principal place of business at 191 Rosa Parks Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202, NAIC number 63312.

Manhattan National Life Insurance Company

Manhattan National Life Insurance Company is an OH domiciled life and health insurance company, authorized in all states and the D.C. except in NY, with its principal place of business at 191 Rosa Parks Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202, NAIC number 67083.

All insurance products referred to in this Web Site are subject to availability and qualifications. Not all companies are licensed in all jurisdictions. Not all products are available in all jurisdictions. The materials available through this Web Site do not constitute an offer of any product in any jurisdiction. Licensing information current as of October 2022.

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Important Disclosures about Annuity Products

Annuity products are issued by MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Company.  All guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Company, which is solely responsible for all obligations under its policies.

Registered index-linked annuity products are sold by prospectus which you should read carefully before investing.  The product prospectus for registered index-linked annuities can be obtained from your investment professional and may be available online.  These product prospectuses contain information regarding risks, charges, expenses and other important matters.

No security or annuity product is offered or will be sold in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation would be unlawful under the laws of the jurisdiction.  Some products or product features may not be available in all states.

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The information and descriptions of products and services contained in this Web Site are intended as general information and do not contain all the terms, conditions, limits and other criteria applicable to the products and services offered by MassMutual Ascend. MassMutual Ascend may make improvements or changes in the products and services described on this Web Site at any time without notice.

None of the information and descriptions contained in this Web Site should be viewed as an offer to sell or as a solicitation to purchase any of MassMutual Ascend’s products or services. Availability of the products and services described varies by jurisdiction. This is not intended as a solicitation or offer to sell an insurance product in a jurisdiction in which the solicitation, offer, sale or purchase thereof would be unlawful.

The contents of this Web Site, and the information and descriptions of the products and services contained in this Web Site do not constitute investment or financial advice and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice, assessment and evaluation, or the basis for making any specific investment decision. You should always consult your professional advisers and obtain independent verification of such information and data before making any decision based thereon.

Nothing in this Web Site or made available through the products and services shall be considered or construed on the part of MassMutual Ascend as giving any advice in respect of shares, stocks, bonds, notes, interests, unit trusts, mutual funds or other securities, investments, loans, advances, credits, insurance or deposits in any jurisdiction.

This Web Site does not amend, modify or supplement any annuity contract or insurance policy. Your eligibility for products and services is subject to final determination of underwriting qualifications and acceptance by MassMutual Ascend.

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